Africa – Is Everything We Need at Our Door Step?

Africa, the only continent not to have shifted since the Earth’s tectonic plates shifted and the birth place of civilization has perhaps more minerals on demand than any other continent on Earth. We have oil, diamonds, gold, platinum, uranium and much much more. Yet we still behave as the rest of the worlds followers!

The average wage of a farmer in Africa is $0.60 per day, the average cost paid to a farmer in France per cow living per day is $10.00.

Fair Trade is meant to see farmers get paid fair amounts of money for their produce, however high demand should mean greater value.

What most people don’t realise is the terms and conditions set by most countries mean our farmers and miners will always be followers! For example a company such as Nestle requires Coco to make Chocolate, Nestle will hypothetically pay a Farmer in Africa £0.20 per KG of raw Coco they will then create Chocolate bars out of the Coco and charge about £0.75 per bar.

Most 3rd World Farmers caught onto this and decided to produce Chocolates within their countries and export them, charging £0.20 per bar. When this happened Europe added Tax for all Non European countries exporting products into Europe therefore the Farmer charging £0.20 per bar of chocolate would now need to charge £1.00 just to break even, in turn this would mean no consumer would buy the chocolate as Nestle’s prices were much lower.

The above chocolate example is one of many products making most third world country businesses unable to compete Globally.

Unless Governments internally promote self sufficiency through practical education and encourage NGO’s to invest in equipment that will help development, Africa isn’t going anywhere forward just yet, we will continue to be followers yet we grow the carrots!

Article by
Sukhi Sohal
Wawa Malawi –


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