On the Indivisibility of Lake Malawi

I have said it before and now I repeat: the white smoke over Lake Malawi is so clear; the whole northern tip of Lake Malawi belongs to Malawi.

To ALL Malawians of good will, regardless of the political divide hear me:

Imagine that a man – a known bully – comes to your house and claims that under a certain obscure cultural custom (concocted much later after the Marriage Act that makes you and your lady husband and wife); “entitles” him to be spending some nights with your legally wedded wife.

Do you negotiate with such a bully? The answer, of course, is a resounding “NO”.

Why? Because timba abale anga, sachepa ndimazira ake!

Now for argument sake, let us say that you erroneously decide on mediation (over what is already yours).And while this ill-advised mediation is in progress, the bully goes around town boasting that he has placed a huge order of gondolosi which he will be using on his “allocated nights” with your wife or on his allocated side of the soon to be  shared wife.

Would you continue the mediation? Or do you write a letter of protest “urging” the bully not to buy gondolosi?

The answer is so obvious that the weak protest and continued mediation are now validating rumours flying around as to why we are being held ransom to this mediation over our property.

Would anyone, in his right mind, negotiate with a bully that has placed a huge order of gondolosi to be used on their wife?

Together, the lake is ours; and divided the lake gets divided! Malawians: this is now the time to find out who are the real revolutionaries!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/wise-one-from-the-east/on-the-indivisibility-of-lake-malawi/537428532970110


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