Why Information Technology is So Important

Information technology is important and indispensable to the life of human beings. Transmission, recording or memory and processing of information are three essential processes of information.

Libraries are the back bone of all information sciences. Virtually, the information technology has been changing everyday. The essential challenge of the coming decade is how to make the already available technologies as useful and friendly to a user as the telephone or television set is to the common man.

Computers a major segment of the new information technologies. The phenomenal growth of semi-conductor technology and the proliferation of the semi-conductor memory devices has brought into the society computers that they can carry personal computers that can do anything for you, say record a message and phone back an answer.

With the help of satellite communication, the transmission of data has turn out to be very fast. The data can be telexed, the voice over a telephone can be transmitted on local, national and international net work. The transmission of images through technology that’s via a TV is again going to be a major challenge, as how to join all these three components of information technology into one. It would involve creating various problems. Firstly, the privacy that goes with it. For further add to the impact of communication, if one can switch over from voices to images and data depending on an individual’s need.

The information technology emanates from five disciplines Or sources, namely the computers, communications, electronics, artificial intelligence and the human interface.

Electronics associated with the radio, television, audio system and computers. Almost every aspect of the human life is directly or indirectly associated with the impact of electronic technology.

Today, in the field of digital communication, there is digital broadcast, digital switching and signaling that is taking position. The evolution of the digital techniques mainly contributed by computer’s development and the progress of digital transmission systems based on it have merged computer and communication. It has made feasible the realization of the three basic functions, i.e., the communication memory and dealing out in simple form. And also to realize further advanced and more difficult systems. This progress has given us many useful means to better our social life and welfare.

Electronics has accelerated economic progress, the increase of efficiency and the promotion of welfare in modern industrial societies. Today, we are living in an information oriented society.

The telecom revolution which is fast gaining ground will be heralded with indigenous know-how and technology in many developing countries and not by allowing import of such technologies which are quite irrelevant to modern conditions.

The time is not ripe for deregulation of serves in Pakistan. Major district headquarters are yet to be brought under STD network. These are the basics and crucial issues now. Business network no doubt is important, but cannot be assigned as much priority as to the basic tasks.


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