Justin Bieber set to leave Earth aboard Virgin Galactic flight

If you’re a fan of Justin Bieber you may be a bit concerned to hear he’s leaving Earth, for the rest of us who at first thought he might be returning home, the bad news is he’s only leaving temporarily.

Bieber has been confirmed as the latest celebrity to put his name forward for a flight on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic service. The space tourism venture aims to make long haul flights a thing of the past by jetting you into space in order to get you to your destination much more quickly.

Of course, guaranteeing a seat aboard one of the first Galactic flights takes a little more than being a pop idol. You also need $250,000. Money is something the successful 19-year old is sure to have in abundance, and let’s face it, if he didn’t then a quick collection from giddy teenage girls at his next concert would probably cover most of the bill.


Branson has already acknowledged the singer’s sign up via Twitter, but Bieber might actually make it to space before Virgin Galactic is ready to take him. Back in February the teen idol tweeted that he wanted to do a concert in space. NASA responded saying they may be able to help him with that. We can recommend a good backing singer and guitarist who also happens to be an astronaut he can take with him.

Having recently surpassed Bieber on YouTube with most watched video of all time, I’d much rather see Psy making the trip and creating his next hit outside of the confines of gravity.


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