Nyasa Trailers, Buy Malawian

Nyasa Trailers is a firm committed to quality, craftsmanship, customer service, dealer support and attention to detail are all reasons why Nyasa Trailers continues to be an industry leader. Responding quickly to consumer needs keeps Nyasa Trailers on the leading edge.


Proudly Malawian

Finished products

Finished products

Staffed with committed and goal oriented employees throughout sales,engineering, production, transportation and administration, Nyasa Trailers operates a full production and delivery schedule.  Testimonials from our customers tell the story of Nyasa Trailers quality and dependability. The demand for a quality product continues to increase as educated consumers know that price alone will not provide “Trailers That Work For A Living.”

Ready to hit the road

Ready to hit the road

Buy Malawian, by Malawians

Buy Malawian, by Malawians

Demand Creates Change At Nyasa Trailers

Realizing the need to enhance operations, Nyasa Trailers’ ownership is taking steps to meet consumer demand and continue the growth of their company.

With experience in the cargo, equipment, and utility trailer manufacturing industry, Nyasa Trailers is one of the most established manufacturers in the industry. Recently many changes have taken place to increase productivity, production, warehouse and office.

IMG-20130219-00151Malawian and Proud

Nyasa Trailers has continued to expand their trailer lines to meet the ever growing demands in the marketplace. These trailers feature high quality, the buying community has come to associate with at a value price.

Nyasa Trailers has a goal and mission to build the highest quality and most dependable trailers in the industry. In an effort to maintain the high level of quality for which Nyasa Trailers is known, quality components must be used.“I would rather explain price once than apologize for poor quality forever” says Nyasa trailers Managing Director, Peter Bhagwanji.

Nyasa Trailers and their dealers take a great deal of pride in making every effort to provide their customers with the products and service that is well known throughout  Malawi and in future, other parts of Africa.

If you are a proud Nyasa Trailer owner and are ever in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe, they would love to host you for a tour of their facility. There is no substitute for seeing a product being built. Nyasa Trailers provide its customers with the highest quality and most competitively priced products available on the market.

Just a few touches away.....

Just a few touches away…..

Nyasa Trailers is a Malawian manufacturer of trailers to fit any need and distributor of semi trailers and parts for trailers.

Contact Us!

Physical Address: Kanengo Industrial Area, Plot No. 28/137

Telephone: +265 1 710 937

Cell phone: +265 993 880 922

Email: info@nyasatrailers.com, peterbhagwanji@yahoo.com.mx


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