“I never thought the government could be such careless” – Negracious Al Majjiduh

This is unbelievable indeed. Of course politicians are known to be people fond of shaking peoples’ mind tweaking the truth a bit to suit a particular situation, but this alone is suicidal on its part. It is about the “fake” Malawi-South Korea deal. This has been a major self de-campaign as it raises wonder whether the government that we have is one that ought to be taken seriously or a bunch of jokers.

Much brouhaha had been trumpeted by various quarters in the government about the labor export deal billing it as an initiative by this government to address (in part) the abysmal degree of unemployment currently locking the country. Surely, it was very unreasonable and lack of proper timing indeed for the country to raise that bar of expectations, which has proven to be too heavy to support the disguise and its miscalculated agenda.

Do we have policy-makers in the Ministry of Labor? Wasn’t a bilateral contract with South Korea the initial step that should have been taken before this entire hubbub? Why should they be finding about the conditions long after 336 people have already been interviewed and selected? Or is this a joke? Surely, if those in power have run out of ideas for creating jobs for the youths, let them just admit rather than playing games with our minds. I pity ourselves as nation because we have an acute shortage of policymakers.

This concern has been ignited by the uncomfortable reports blowing from Seoul (Korea’s capital) that there is no such deal between Malawi and South Korea. As if that was not melodramatic enough, another group of young men and women was set to fly to the emirates of Kuwait only to be told that they were not going anywhere, after they had undergone the orientation. My foot! Who is fooling who? Who is the government of Malawi striking these “deals” with? Is the government really comfortable playing around with peoples’ poverty? To what end?

Quiet boggling enough is this wonder: how could government not only announce the labor export programme, but go ahead to start preparations when it pretty knew the whole thing was just a bad joke? Malawians, especially we the youths, no one should be allowed to fool us or take advantage of us in any way.

Anyway, this deal to some of us sounded too good to be true. Some of us quiet knew it was only meant to serve some political purpose. In that flavor, it became the pudding for the recent presidential speeches. It was trumpeted as the manifestation for the government’s commitment to the welfare of the youth for this republic. I do not have any reservations that this very bad joke will recently boomerang. Malawians especially we the youths are not consumers of such bad jokes.


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