Unsolicited advice to Polytechnic & Chancellor College Students

INTRODUCTION: I know I am taking a very big risk to offer advice I wasn’t asked to give. But for the sake of the few who may see sense it what I will say, I will still offer this “unsolicited advice” anyway.

CONGRATULATION! You have been called back. Your fight was worth it considering the rising cost of living. You made your concerns known and you got an answer you did not want. But since you are wise people, you have accepted it with grace and dignity.

MY ADVICE: Let the past be past. Settle down and concentrate on education, for that is the main thing you really must fight for now. You need that degree and please don’t waste more years than necessary to get it. Your life clock is ticking so don’t waste any more valuable time fighting short-term battles while losing sight of the main thing in your life.

IT‘S A DIFFERENT WORLD NOW: Yes, it’s true some of us got to university when it was a “free ride”. BUT you need to understand that in those days, graduates were few and in high demand. Most of them got job offers BEFORE graduation! But over the years, the “education system” has “overproduced” the graduates and there are too many “spare ones” waiting for opportunities to be absorbed into the “employment system”.

FOCUS: You are intelligent, sharp and smart young people who know when to fight, and most importantly, which fights to fight. At this stage, it is the fight to graduate that must occupy your brilliant brains! By Henry Kachaje


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