Malawi Gets Appreciation for Reducing HIV Infection Rate by 75%

UNAIDs Executive Director, Michael Sidibe was present at the official opening ceremony of the first UNAIDS / LANCET Commission Summit. At the event, Mr. Sidibe appreciated the efforts of Malawi for keeping a strong stand on fighting HIV/AIDS.

This level of determination has led to a 75% decline in new HIV infections. “Malawi has within the last few years managed to stop transmission of mother to child infection which if continued would further bring down the number of infections to zero”, said Mr. Sidibe.

One of the other things for which Mr. Sidibe has applauded Malawi is that it has put half a million of its people on HIV treatment known as ARV treatment.

Mr. Sidibe was of the view that he is proud of the country as they have been making genuine efforts to have a society that is free from HI/AIDS. He continued by affirming that seeing that Malawi has been deriving benefit from its HIV policies, other countries have also now started using those policies.

It is great that other countries have been following Malawi’s zero HIV approach. Mr. Sidibe has asked authorities concerned that they should keep on coming up with ways by which HIV-AIDS free society can be formed.


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