Run exe files on Mac Os X

There are many applications which perform well on Windows Os and they are not found in Mac OS X so if you want to run windows app on Mac OS X then what you will do? Most of the computer fans are selecting Mac OS X and the evidence is that the industry percent is brought up to about 15%. But have you ever believed that if this occur than what will occur to the windows exclusives and all other applications.

There is an application known as as WinOnX which will help you to set up windows on your Virtual box or you can also set up it in VMware of OS X. The price of this program is only $4.99 and at this inexpensive amount it creates factors quick and simpler to perform. Below are the actions for operating windows program on OS X.

Steps for Running exe files on Mac

First download WinOnX from Mac App Store.

Now start the WinOnX and then look for the .exe file that you want to run. This file can be an set up computer file or you can use it as runable .exe program.

After this you can easily run windows applications on you Mac OS X.


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