University Office: The University of Malawi is pleased to announce results of the 2013 University Entrance Examinations (UEE) and names of candidates who have been selected to pursue various programmes for the 2013/2014 academic year on non-residential government and self-sponsored basis.

This year, Government sponsored candidates were selected first using the equity system of admitting students into institutions of higher learning. Under this arrangement, the top ten candidates from each district were offered places first and the rest were selected based on both merit and the size of the population of their districts. Thereafter, self-sponsored candidates were selected based on merit and the selection process only considered candidates who did not qualify for government sponsored entry but had expressed willingness (on the 2013 UEE answer sheet) to be alternatively considered for self-sponsored entry.

The public is informed that 11,539 candidates sat for the 2013 University Entrance Examinations (UEE) and of these, 3,805 were females and 7,734 were males representing 33% and 67% respectively. 10,328 candidates passed the 2013 UEE (i.e. reached a combined aggregate of UEE and MSCE pass mark of 50% and above), representing 89.5% pass rate. Of the candidates that passed, 3,233 were females and 7,095 males.

A total of 1,909 candidates have been selected to continue their studies at the University of Malawi. Of these 1,143 (584 females and 559 male) are government sponsored and 766 (282 females and 484 male) are self-sponsored. The gender distribution of all the selected candidates is 866 females and 1043 males representing 45% and 55% respectively.

All successful candidates should note that they will be required to find and pay for their own accommodation and meals. However, government sponsored candidates shall be paid a monthly allowance each semester of an academic year on pro rata basis to cater for their accommodation and meals.

Candidates who would like to stay on campus should apply for accommodation to their respective college and, if accepted, they will be required to pay the College for the same. Candidates are advised that College accommodation is limited and shall be allocated based on individual college criteria which can be sought from the office of Dean of Students at each college.

Candidates are further advised that the starting date for the 2013/2014 academic year shall be communicated by each College in due course. Tuition fees per academic year are K 55, 000.00 for government sponsored students and K 250, 000.00 for self-sponsored candidates.

The list of successful candidates is available on all official notice boards of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi and on the University of Malawi website – (

Further details regarding the 2013 intake can be obtained from the University Office during normal working hours using the following phone numbers:

0152 662 060

0997 550 376

0882 244 556

0111 955 408


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