Why I love writing: Writing Frees My Soul

I love writing. I am a writer. It’s taken years to believe that and embody what it means to me. I’m still just now scratching my head about the truth of it. Funny how something can be with us for years and then we wake up one day wondering if perhaps, it is in fact that thing for which we were created. And then we find our voice.

It’s still rather strange to me to consider myself a writer and I’m filled with nervous excitement as I share more of my work, myself. And if I think about comparing myself to some of my favorite authors, I shrivel inside feeling completely unworthy to share the title of writer with such greats. So comparisons are out. Not sure I can really be the best judge of my writing anyway and more importantly, I don’t write to be the best. Simply put I write because I have to.

Explaining why I love writing is like trying to explain to a little kid why the grass is green, or the sky is blue. I don’t know, it just is; I just do.

In some ways, writing is just getting words down on paper. They don’t have to be coherent, it doesn’t have to make sense, but it’s your thoughts and feelings. There, finally out there in the open. It’s that sense of release and being able to express your thoughts that makes me love writing. Yet there are so many different forms of writing. While I may not necessarily like to write research papers, I can totally immerse and lose myself into a world that I’ve created, that maybe only me will ever know about. (Maybe that makes me a little weird…)

I guess to really explain why I love writing I first have to start with when I began to fall in love with it. When I was in Form 1 at Blantyre Secondary School, I was introduced to a popular club at school called English Workshop aka Writers Club by Mr. Simuwelu, an English teacher who is a good friend of mine. At the same time, I had begun to fall in love with Johnny Depp and with Pirates of the Caribbean. In this club, there were guilds formed with common interests, and I just at random joined a speech writing and public speaking guild. Little did I know the effect that it would have on me.

It was a role playing guild and there I really began to love to write. While these weren’t my real characters or my original story, I loved the idea of making up new things, expressing these day dreams. My love for writing fictional tales and stories sparked there. I spent numerous hours a day writing with  the friends I had created there; friends that, even five years later, I still keep in contact with and love dearly.

Khumbo M’bawa and Elias Phiri, who I met on the speech writing and public speaking guild, really inspired me to write and blog. They aren’t bloggers themselves, but they did have ideas and were friends with a more writers who at that time weren’t my friends.

After a period of admiring their and the other guys work, I decided to start my own writings for the school newsletter. And years later, here I am, loving to write not just fictional things, but real and true things. Things that I felt passionately about or just wanted to share with a small community.

My love for books also played a big role. I love to read and books are essentially just pages filled with writing–intricate stories that let you escape to other places and times. After reading for so long these wonderful masterpieces, I wasn’t just content with reading them–I wanted to make my own. This is when I started to participate in English and French Drama. I’ve participated twice and both times have had such a great experience–even emerging with my own role. Something I’ll always be immensely proud of.

Mushing this all together, I get some type of reason why I love writing. It’s been an escape, a comfort, a past time, a joy, a friend. While writing will probably never turn into something professional that I do, it will always be there, and I’ll always be able to fall onto it. Writing will always hold a little piece of my heart and be a big part of my life. It’s what keeps me sane.


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