Life as we know it

People say life is easy, I do not disagree with that. The only argument I have in mind all the time is that, everything can be easy or hard depending on how you take it in or handle it.

Making choices is easy, but abiding by them isn’t. Same as proposing a project can be easy than implementing it.

We, the youth in the 22nd Century, have a vivid mindset of doing good but the only problem we have is that we want everything to come in-handy(easy). But such is not life. And that is not how things work in this world.

There are always challenges when it comes to going for that one thing you want. And we need to be strong and keep fighting.

The first mistake one can make, is thinking that life is easy. Life is not easy, and will never be easy, but that doesn’t mean you should not wear a smile in the morning. Live a one day at a time, and be happy about it, because in this world there are worse things than your dreams not coming true.

So all I say is, man up and fight for what makes you happy. Life is too short to be sad.


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