Is being black a burden or being light-skinned is the new trend?


By Timothy Ntilosanje

Fashion is by far the biggest threat to traditions and culture. Especially African youths, they all want to be white.

Aren’t you proud to be African? Be it black or light-skinned, we have different cultural believes, but these cultural believes are at risk of eradication as many tend to run away from embracing their true identity and assume a more public-preferred one.

A good example is the use of skin-lightening cosmetics, also commonly known as bleaching. Skin lightener has always been available in one form or another, but there has actually been an increase in its usage in the past few years, especially among young black women. Yet people are still scorn to talk about it, let alone admit using it.

These products contain hydroquinone, which inhibits melanin formation. They are legal, provided they contain no more than two per cent hydroquinone, and easily available from chemists…

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