Tawina Mbeza – Malawian fashion designer doing it big in Kenya


By Timothy Ntilosanje

Known as the fashion capital of the Africa, Kenya has become the planet’s greatest fashion authority. Kenyan fashions quickly find their way around the Africa world where they are eagerly embraced by fashion trendsetters. In the world of African-made fashion, one Tawina Mbeza has made a name for himself, first as an outstanding Marketing Executive and then as a brilliant designer of both print and haute couture clothing.

The Kenya-based, Malawian fashion designer, Tawina Mbeza recently showcased hip, young, wearable, and vibrant designs that were part of the collection of his popular MIM Fashion line of clothes at the Nairobi ZIMAZA Sports day.

ZIMAZA is Zimbabweans, Malawians and Zambians in Kenya. It’s an annual family sports barbecue event that took place at Don Bosco Grounds in Karen, Nairobi. Attendance is from all students, parents and families living in Kenya especially in Nairobi. The event is annually…

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